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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Twas the night before Kili.........

I have to say that my 100% excitement has now changed to 50% excitement and 50% trepidation......I know that when I set foot out of the door tomorrow morning I will be starting a chain of events that will ultimately end up with me on my knees sobbing like an overgrown baby, either because I have made it to the top of Kilimanjaro in aid of Velindre and in memory of my mum (and will be feeling that little bit closer to her), or because I haven't made it - and whilst I'll know in my heart that I've given it everything I have - I'll also feel like an abject failure and will feel that I've let my entire family (including my wife, son and unborn child) down.

Bloody hell, how morbid was that....anyway, I wont focus on that, bottom line is that me and my 50 new friends will be conquering Kilimanjaro. One way or the other, that overgrown volcano is coming off second best against us, the only way any of us wont make it is if the medical team stop us!

Normally a shy and retiring introvert I'll be doing all I can to get myself and everyone else up that 'molehill' - and you can help! I've asked the gang to invite friends and family to communicate with us through this blog, so feel free to post comments on my most recent blog postings and I'll do my best to get the message to them....think of me as a fat, bald Davina out of Big Brother!!! (only my bum doesn't look as good in leggings!)

Any's to a successful summit!



    Can't contain myself but still havn't packed. Oops better get off the computer and get on with it. Hope I've got everything otherwise it's a trip to the 24 Tesco for me! See you all tomorrow!


  2. Very excited in our household too. We have packed.....UNPACKED....packed again.....weighed bags....UNPACKED....there is a pattern forming! Anyways all packed now until tomorrow morning when undoubtedly we shall notice something that should have been packed.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning to start our adventure :)

    Sarra & Torchy